Impala Ridge Farm Info

Impala Ridge Farm is a covid born business which started out just helping the community of KZN with getting food during the world wide shut down in 2020. We teamed up with Farmers around the midlands area, quickly formed a website and off we went not knowing where we would be today.

Impala Ridge’s little Farm stall was born in February 2021 in Drummond and during the riots of 2021 was forced to move to our farm just down the road for safety. The response to our short term set up was amazing so we decided to grow and build from there. It’s been a rollercoaster ride these past couple years with all KZN has been through and we are still standing, growing and connecting.

As much as we strive for organic produce that’s not always possible, it’s more about supporting the local community around us – Our main aim was and still is supporting local small businesses and farms – call it “the little guys” if you will but watch us, they will soon be the big guys and deservingly so.

This journey has been phenomenal with adding more team members along the way, building personal relationships with our loyal customers and suppliers. Thank You to each and every person who has contributed to our Impala Ridge Family – every little order and critique and words of encouragement matter – we look forward to the next 10 years as we continue to grow and supply affordable, quality produce and assist our suppliers and friends grow their businesses.

See below for information and details:

Delivery Information


 the one price delivers all fee?


yes thats just one set delivery fee.

**subject to our delivery areas and days

or you can arrange to collect from us in Drummond.

Orders Close 1pm for next day delivery depending on area or special arrangement.

Sushi is available on pre order –  Thursdays to Saturdays. Orders for Fridays and Saturdays close off at 1pm Thursday.

Saturdays and Sundays: Collection only. Delivery platters by special arrangement and events – please talk to Tash

Should you have any special requests or require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Yours in Farming

The Impala Ridge Farm Team

Refunds & Returns


We will refund or exchange most goods if you return them within 48 hours* of purchase, provided the following is met:

1. it is in its original packaging and in the same condition.
2. it is unused or damaged.


1.Incorrect item delivered.

Should an item be incorrect, please contact Impala Ridge Farm on either:

1. Customer Support Centre on 076 343 8486 or;
2. Send us an email at or;
3. The website Help Desk –  Contact Us page

To arrange for the earliest convenient collection date. Once returned to the store, the Product will undergo an assessment following which, the correct item will be dispatched. Promotional free items do not fall under our return policy and a cash refund does not apply on any unwanted promotional items.


If your goods turn out to be defective within the first 24hours after you received them from us, Impala Ridge Farm will replace the item, or give you a refund should it be agreed between the customer and the supplier that the product is damaged or defective by fault of the supplier – should the product be damaged or defective due to mis handling of the customer eg – not freezing Frozen meals upon receiving or following store instructions provided by the supplier, the claim becomes unclaimable.

The Suppliers Refund will only apply to defects in the process of manufacturing the goods and will not apply in the following instances:

1. Damage caused by lightning or power surges
2. Damaged caused by misuse or abuse to the goods
3. Goods used for a purpose other than the purpose for which they were manufactured
4. Goods used contrary to their instruction manuals
5. Accidental damage