Impala July 2022 Week 4 – Large



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750ml Carrot, Pineapple and Apple Juice

700ml Jar Pickled Beetroot

6 x bran and raisin muffins

125ml Macadamia Nut Butter

1 x Pack Mini Meringues

500g apples

500g pears

500g naartjies

500g oranges

1kg bananas

2 x lemons

2 x Avocado’s

3kg Potatoes

1 x Cauliflower head

1 x broccoli head

1kg red onions

1kg white onions

500g Cubed Butternut

500g Stir Fry mix

250g Green beans

1 x bunch spinach

1kg carrots

1 x seasonal lettuce pack

4 x tomatoes

1 x cucumber